BY John Siebeling & Wayne Francis

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Learn how to find your voice and join Jesus in healing to help bring our divided communities together with open minds, open hearts, and open hands.

Wondering how to have open-handed conversations about race?

In this five-session small group video series and study guide, John Siebeling and Wayne Francis provide a non-threatening means for people to start a dialogue and begin understanding the issues of race and faith from both a black and white perspective. This study guide will equip you with the tools you need to enter into open, honest, and fruitful conversations about God and race with confidence.

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When people look at the church, do they see a house that looks like heaven?

Meet the Authors

John Siebeling and his wife, Leslie, are the Founding and Senior Pastors of The Life Church based in Memphis, Tennessee—a thriving church with locations throughout the United States and internationally. John is a founding board member of the Association of Related Churches.

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Wayne Francis and his wife Claudene are the lead pastors of the New York Metro location of The Life Church. They have two beautiful teenage daughters, Haleigh and Ryleigh, and love serving together as a family.

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I appreciate that they’re not giving us a list of answers but showing us how to initiate conversations that help us find them together. It’s clear that they are more committed to Christ, unity, and each other than skin color or cultural differences. I can’t wait to see the impact their perspectives have on how the world approaches God and race.

Tauren Wells

Grammy Nominated Artist and Dove Award Winner

This book is an important contribution to the conversation about God and race. John and Wayne are trustworthy guides because they are practitioners engaged in the nuts and bolts of fleshing out these actual ideas, on the frontlines, every day. Not only do they tell us unity is possible, they show us how to undertake the journey. If you want to be part of the answer, this book is for you.

Christine Caine

Founder A21 & Propel Women

Conversations on race have a tendency to be hard and many of us struggle with knowing what to say and “how” to listen to understand another perspective. God and Race is a sure way to open one’s eyes and heart to conversations and perspectives that revolutionize the way we view and deal with race in our nation. John and Wayne have personified this conversation and have given us hope that differences don’t have to divide us but ultimately make us one. This book will give you practical insight on how hard conversations can lead us to unified communities.

Jimmy & Irene Rollins

Founders of TWO=ONE Marriage Ministry

The love, hope and healing message of Jesus Christ transcends racial, economic, and cultural differences. Our faith is a common bond that erases our differences, heals our wounds, and unifies believers across the globe. Pastor John Siebeling and Pastor Wayne Francis know this to be true and have dedicated their ministries to sharing the unifying power of faith. They have not only built successful and diverse churches of their own, but they inspire pastors and churches everywhere to do the same.

Joel Osteen

New York Times bestselling author, Senior Pastor at Lakewood Church

This book will stand for many years as a guide for how the Church must not only engage, but lead the way in healing conversations about race, love, forgiveness, and citizenship in the Kingdom of God. Pastors Wayne and John have already modeled what it means to live and lead within the beauty of unified diversity, and now their experiences come together to guide the rest of us. There may not be a stronger pairing to bring such an amazing book to the world!

Dr. Mike Burnette

Pastor, LifePoint Church, Clarksville, TN
Author of Parable Church

Preaching on race right now feels like tap dancing through a minefield. But Wayne Francis is the best dancer I know. Instead of side-stepping the issues that many leaders avoid for fear of blowing up their church, Wayne and John Siebeling chart a courageous course of practical STEPS in this crucial area of modern discipleship. Pastors, stop white-knuckling it-- open your hands, open your heart, and open this outstanding book!

Tim Lucas

Lead Pastor, Liquid Church

In the current climate, many conversations end before they even get started. This can especially be true around the subject of race. While flexing both essential muscles of conviction and compassion, Wayne and John provide a resource that is not only helpful, but also hopeful, for all who wish to see dividing walls be brought down among God's beautifully diverse family.

Scott Sauls

Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and author of several books including A Gentle Answer and Beautiful People Don't Just Happen

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